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2016 Kansas City Turkey Shoot Report

This Thanksgiving my family went to Kansas City to visit friends and family. Well, when you have two or more old aviation buddies in the same city, you tend to form a bit of a gathering. Thus the 2016 KC Turkey Shoot was created. It involved 3 Sonex , and a beautiful Cessna. And consisted of a flight from a Gardner Airport to We-B-Smoking BBQ at Miami County Airport.

I Flew down with Bob Mika's in Katie, his Sonex, while my dad and two friends ,Zander and Laney ,flew in Mr Ron's smooth Cessna. I even got to fly for about 10 min! It may not have been hours, but  the Aerovee-powered plane flew wonderfully in the  morning air.

Once we arrived, my nose was overrun by the luxurious scent of pancakes, and when I surveyed the room, I saw countless airplane pictures.

(I lost the photo, Y'all will just have to go)

 Sitting down to eat at a table that seemed average, we awaited the rest of our troops.

                                                                 Mr Ray

                                                                 And Mr Gus

One thing about We-Be-Smok'in BBQ you should now is, they do not joke around with portion size. A stack of 3 pancakes cold have supplied the entire table. As it turned out 3 people ate on the stack, 2 pancakes escaped unscathed.

When we finished breakfast, I rode ,along with Zander and Laney ,in Mr Ron's lovely Cessna.
Mr Gus and Mr Bob arranged to have formation pictures taken during takeoff and a few flybys.

Rolling in to Garder airport, we proceeded to the local hang out hanger. There we surveyed the chapter build project. After getting the lay of the land, we pulled some chairs into the sun and sat down for flying stories. I am happy to report that I already have a few interesting stories under my belt. (spoilers: 1000 miles in a challenger, and bending the nose wheel on a landing at an unmanned airport. But I'll cover those later.)

One by one our aviation loving friends departed for their respective home bases, bringing the 2016 KC Turkeyshoot to a full-bellied close.

Slideshow of the trip:

Here's the entire 30 min flight home :)

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped support my dream. Largely thanks to y'all I'm already halfway to my goal! Over the last 8 months I have earned over $500, by mowing and raking yards, and detailing cars.

Paul Shadwick

Stan Whitfield

Paul Duff

Paul Hockin

Gordon Fern

Anon Anon

Mike Davis

Jonathan and Julia Wolfe

Jon Palmstrom

Laurie Burns

Donna Mickel

Dana Baker


Michael Couillard

Brandon Lenart

The purpose of this blog is to document and share my experience of building and later flying an airplane. In the first portion, I will thank all the wonderful people who donated to me. Then in the second section I will post a building update, hopefully every 3-4 days ,explaining what I have done  in detail and with pictures. Finally in the third and last section, I will post my flying adventures, and any maintenance I do. Thank you or your support and interest, I am pumped
about this whole project.


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