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Isaac's Flying Stories Episode 2, The Young Eagles Rally

November 19th ,2016 was not a good day for the young eagles rally. There really wasn't any way that one could have known. Several small things piled up to make November 19th unsuitable. Hunting season, almost all of the boy scouts being at camp, and thanksgiving break, all molehills. One at a time they could be ignored, but when combined it meant that our target audience, the kids, were all busy, Meaning us pilots had nothing to do. Then we remembered "Hey wait a minute, We're pilots. We all love talking, especially if it has wings!"

Soon after we got to talkin' , our first young eagle arrived. He was a teenager that had been at the last few chapter functions and was dedicated to learning to fly. I had previously told him how great "Sporty's learn to fly" was as a groundschool program, and that it was free to young eagles. My dad flew him as the day's first young eagle.

"Boy was it windy", my dad said. "Though above 3000 it is c…

Isaac's flying stories, Episode 1 , Slobovia

Saturday, November 5th, 2016
I woke up early to catch breakfast on the way to my EAA chapter's monthly meeting. But we weren't just talking about planes. No, this month was special, it was the annual Slobovia Outernational pumpkin drop. Both breakfast, and the meeting were a blur, all I could think about was the upcoming fly-in. Before I knew it, me, alongside 4 other planes, were lined up engines running. I heard my dad say " Challenger 443SR ,departing to the north" We were off. After a relaxing flight over we landed on the clean lush 4,000' grass runway of Slobovia. We followed the ground crew to our spot, and killed the engine. I had my first unhampered look at the festivities, there were planes all around us! Low wing high wing, ultralight, bush plane! The uniting factor was the lack of windows , in preparation for the pumpkin bombing runs they were about to embark on.

After a chat with just about every fellow pilot, and a look at each of their respective …

A few more leaps and bounds down the long road.

I am 2 weeks into my GoFundMe campaign, and so appreciative of all the support I have been getting. I am very grateful for everyone who has donated. They have helped me raise $1,905 already, and I am hard at work to increase that number. I have began detailing cars for $25, and continue to rake and mow lawns. I can not fully express how appreciative I am of : Jon Palmstrom, Jonathan and Julia Wolfe, Laurie Burns, Paul Hockin, Donna Mickel, and Dana Baker. Thank you so much I am so excited by how well this project is going and how many people are helping me along the way. Thank you all so much.