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Build update: Fabricating the Pitot and Static Tube Assembly May 5th 2017

The first step now that I had my kit stowed in the garage was to review the plans. My dad aided me as I checked off plans sheets that had already been accomplished. But when I flipped to W-23 and examined it, I saw that it had not been fully completed. Dad chimed in that the sheet was on making your own Pitot/static tube and that the kit probably came with a premade one from Aircraft Spruce. After a moment's contemplation, I asked if there were any foreseeable disadvantages to a handmade pitot tube. Because there weren't any disadvantages, and I needed to start somewhere, I decided to fabricate my pitot tube as my first part.

Upon reviewing the plans, there were many different things I needed to learn how to do. I sort of knew how to read the plans. I had no idea how to turn a sheet of aluminum into a cut and drilled part! That's where my dad stepped in. First I learned how to transfer a shape from the plans to aluminum. By measuring the edges, and forming radius's on t…