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Isaac's Flying Stories episode 3, part 1, What are you doing flying in this kind of weather?

My First Real Crosscountry Flight Part 1
September 2015

First some background,
My family was moving from Colorado to Mississippi. The Challenger II, the plane I am learning to fly in, needed to be moved to our new home. The flight would be over 1,000 miles, quite ambitious. I had only flown one Crosscountry. It was from my home airport of Springs East (A50), to Limon (LIC) to catch some lunch, and back again. I had a total time of 1.5hrs and I flew the whole flight.  By the time the packers came to take our stuff to our new home, I was landing in all conditions, my dad nearly ever touched the controls, and I was practicing  several times a week.

  It is the year 2015, the cool September winds blew across the great eastern plains of Colorado. At the local FBO I took a crash course to calculate compass corrections with trigonometry. Later I sat With my dad in front of the family desktop computer. Before me, displayed on the screen, I saw tabs such as the AOPA airport finder, Online sectional…

A Summary of my Earnings

I have been working hard since summer to earn money. I have numerous projects in progress. I have been mowing and raking yards, and am in the process of finding new customers. Eating chocolate dipped strawberries is always fun, but they are so expensive that you only get one or two. Come summer I will be selling them locally, and at a great price. I always have extra free time at the gym, so I've been detailing cars.  I'm still adding new customers and will soon be up to several jobs per week. I have recently set my sights on a new endeavor, one that uses the same skills I'm already practicing, and I think it may be really popular."

Lawn care, car detailing, berries and my upcoming Secret Project are all adding money towards my goal. I hope y'all get a good idea of how hard I am working to complete my vision. Thank you so much to all of those who have donated to me, I really appreciate it.

Paul Shadwick Stan Whitfield Paul Duff Paul Hockin Gordon Fern Anon Anon Mi…

Random Minimovie

I made a movie out of an origami X-wing taped to a camera. Enjoy!

2016 Kansas City Turkey Shoot Report

This Thanksgiving my family went to Kansas City to visit friends and family. Well, when you have two or more old aviation buddies in the same city, you tend to form a bit of a gathering. Thus the 2016 KC Turkey Shoot was created. It involved 3 Sonex , and a beautiful Cessna. And consisted of a flight from a Gardner Airport to We-B-Smoking BBQ at Miami County Airport.

I Flew down with Bob Mika's in Katie, his Sonex, while my dad and two friends ,Zander and Laney ,flew in Mr Ron's smooth Cessna. I even got to fly for about 10 min! It may not have been hours, but  the Aerovee-powered plane flew wonderfully in the  morning air.
Once we arrived, my nose was overrun by the luxurious scent of pancakes, and when I surveyed the room, I saw countless airplane pictures.
(I lost the photo, Y'all will just have to go)

 Sitting down to eat at a table that seemed average, we awaited the rest of our troops.


Isaac's Flying Stories Episode 2, The Young Eagles Rally

November 19th ,2016 was not a good day for the young eagles rally. There really wasn't any way that one could have known. Several small things piled up to make November 19th unsuitable. Hunting season, almost all of the boy scouts being at camp, and thanksgiving break, all molehills. One at a time they could be ignored, but when combined it meant that our target audience, the kids, were all busy, Meaning us pilots had nothing to do. Then we remembered "Hey wait a minute, We're pilots. We all love talking, especially if it has wings!"

Soon after we got to talkin' , our first young eagle arrived. He was a teenager that had been at the last few chapter functions and was dedicated to learning to fly. I had previously told him how great "Sporty's learn to fly" was as a groundschool program, and that it was free to young eagles. My dad flew him as the day's first young eagle.

"Boy was it windy", my dad said. "Though above 3000 it is c…

Isaac's flying stories, Episode 1 , Slobovia

Saturday, November 5th, 2016
I woke up early to catch breakfast on the way to my EAA chapter's monthly meeting. But we weren't just talking about planes. No, this month was special, it was the annual Slobovia Outernational pumpkin drop. Both breakfast, and the meeting were a blur, all I could think about was the upcoming fly-in. Before I knew it, me, alongside 4 other planes, were lined up engines running. I heard my dad say " Challenger 443SR ,departing to the north" We were off. After a relaxing flight over we landed on the clean lush 4,000' grass runway of Slobovia. We followed the ground crew to our spot, and killed the engine. I had my first unhampered look at the festivities, there were planes all around us! Low wing high wing, ultralight, bush plane! The uniting factor was the lack of windows , in preparation for the pumpkin bombing runs they were about to embark on.

After a chat with just about every fellow pilot, and a look at each of their respective …

A few more leaps and bounds down the long road.

I am 2 weeks into my GoFundMe campaign, and so appreciative of all the support I have been getting. I am very grateful for everyone who has donated. They have helped me raise $1,905 already, and I am hard at work to increase that number. I have began detailing cars for $25, and continue to rake and mow lawns. I can not fully express how appreciative I am of : Jon Palmstrom, Jonathan and Julia Wolfe, Laurie Burns, Paul Hockin, Donna Mickel, and Dana Baker. Thank you so much I am so excited by how well this project is going and how many people are helping me along the way. Thank you all so much.


Pictures of my future Sonex!

People are shocking me with their generosity. When I outlined my fundraiser plan, allotted 2-3 months of online fundraising, but thanks to so many wonderful donors I speculate I will have enough money to make an offer by the end of November. I just received several pictures of the kit I am looking to buy. It has about 300 hours of the previous builder's work, nearly all in angle pieces, which at just about done.
The previous owner bought it several years ago but lost interest. I am so excited to begin work, and I cant stop looking at these pictures! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me get this far, and thank you if you are considering donating. I greatly appreciate it.


Welcome to my Sonex Blog!

My name Is Isaac Shultz. I am a student pilot, who is eager to share the experience of flying with others.
 I believe the best way to go about that is buying an airplane of my own to fly young eagles in. Even though it may seem crazy, unreal, or just downright undoable; I am going to try something few teens would dare attempt. I want to build an airplane. Why am I even thinking about it now as a mere 14 year old? Well , because I am uniquely situated where I can realistically complete a kitplane such as a sonex before I'm off to college.

While other kids where being passed around from grandparent to aunt to other grandparent, I was flying. My first flight was when i was a mere 10 days old! I hope I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  As a toddler I played in the garage with wood scraps while my dad worked on his first homebuilt, a Minimax. When I was 6 my dad began a new kit, a Sonex it had lots of sharp metal pieces and I had to be very careful. but I still got my fair share of messing abo…