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QaQ Ha', 'etlhmey jInmol: My vison realised

Yesterday I was presented with a birthday surprise.  I was at the sushi restaurant waiting for the skilled chefs to finish creating the heap of sushi we were to eat. My family and I were thinking hard about what we could possibly do for fun without phones. Suddenly Dad passed me his phone, open to an email, as I read it for the first time, a smile spread across my face. A member of the Sonex community had chosen to sell his Sonex kit, and offered it to me for a price within my budget.  All of my work had paid off, I was on the road to make my vision reality! I had long dreamed about it, but now it was happening.

The current plan is to make the long drive to the kit in April. Before we leave, I will need to clear out a workshop in the garage. Once we make it to the kit location, we will need to carefully load up the parts, taking care to wrap the finished ones in plenty of blankets.

I am truly thankful and abundantly appreciative of everyone who has helped me on my dream so far:

Paul S…