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What is a Sonex?

I am building a homebuilt airplane called a Sonex-A. I have been working extremely hard to finance this project since August 2016. In April 2017, I purchased a partially completed Sonex. I will still need to buy an engine and am such, working a million odd jobs to earn enough money.
What is a Sonex?

Well first we have to ask, are you talking about Sonex the company, or the Sonex Airplane?
Sonex is an aviation company, based out of wisconsin, that produces airplane kits for builders to make at home. A kit from Sonex includes the plans for making every single part in the plane and how they fit together, most of the hardware you will need (nuts screws bolts) , and a great deal of the material needed. With a kit, you can build realistically build a Sonex airplane in under 2 years in your garage. You are then left needing to buy certain customization items, instrument's, upholstery, and your choice of an engine.

The Sonex-A is a 2 seat, pilot and 1 passenger, small airplane. It is capabl…
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Build Update: September 28 2017

This time there is a lot to unpack, I missed last week's update so there's twice the content this time! There were 4 main things I accomplished this week.
1. Finish wings 2. Build wing cradle 3. Prep for starting the fuselage 4. Begin fabricating aft fuselage components
I will start at the beginning, finishing the wings. Where I left off I had been finishing off the right and left wingtips. This continued up until the point where I applied a final coat of micro which would cure in a day and be ready to sand, right? Well not when you add only 1 drop of hardener to your epoxy/micro mix. For nearly two weeks I have been waiting for the epoxy on my wingtips to cure fully.

Since the wingtips were going to take a while, I made busy working on a wing cradle. My dad's website provided a great design for a Sonex wing cradle. I read the plans and reviewed the materials list. Total expected cost, $60. I was ready to go to the hardware store when my dad reminded me that we may have …