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Very loose build update

It is full swing gymnastics meet season, and I'm working extra hard on schoolwork to make up for the time I'm away at gymnastics meets, and I'm building and flying whenever possible. With that all on my plate there is very little time for writing, but I will give a overview of what I've accomplished.

I built the side walls of the forward fuselage:

I have purchased an engine from a fellow sonex builder and member of my EAA chapter (the four cylinder 80HP Aerovee) 

And I have set to work building the Forward Fuselage box

I will flesh out this post in the future as soon as I can, if you are considering going to Sun'n'Fun this year is the best to go, I will be giving an hour talk at the forums all about the unique challenges of being a teen balancing all my various spinning plates, and still making time for aviation and building my plane. I'd love to see you all at Sun'n'Fun! 


(this is a short post, so the list and bottom of page mission stateme…