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Pictures of my future Sonex!

People are shocking me with their generosity. When I outlined my fundraiser plan, allotted 2-3 months of online fundraising, but thanks to so many wonderful donors I speculate I will have enough money to make an offer by the end of November. I just received several pictures of the kit I am looking to buy. It has about 300 hours of the previous builder's work, nearly all in angle pieces, which at just about done.
The previous owner bought it several years ago but lost interest. I am so excited to begin work, and I cant stop looking at these pictures! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me get this far, and thank you if you are considering donating. I greatly appreciate it.


Welcome to my Sonex Blog!

My name Is Isaac Shultz. I am a student pilot, who is eager to share the experience of flying with others.
 I believe the best way to go about that is buying an airplane of my own to fly young eagles in. Even though it may seem crazy, unreal, or just downright undoable; I am going to try something few teens would dare attempt. I want to build an airplane. Why am I even thinking about it now as a mere 14 year old? Well , because I am uniquely situated where I can realistically complete a kitplane such as a sonex before I'm off to college.

While other kids where being passed around from grandparent to aunt to other grandparent, I was flying. My first flight was when i was a mere 10 days old! I hope I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  As a toddler I played in the garage with wood scraps while my dad worked on his first homebuilt, a Minimax. When I was 6 my dad began a new kit, a Sonex it had lots of sharp metal pieces and I had to be very careful. but I still got my fair share of messing abo…