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Build Update: To busy to work this week June 25 2017

This week I was busy with PASSING MY WRITTEN EXAM!! Unfortunately that meant that I couldn't spare the time to build, or even really see my kit.
When I got home from my 4 day trip to Region 8 Gymnastics Congress, yet more learning, I went out to the garage to get dirt for repotting a plant. I hadn't realized how much I missed my Sonex

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me.
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Jeannette Shultz
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Build Update: Taking the Private Pilot Written Exam June 21 2017

On the 17th and 18th I had the opportunity to go to a ground school seminar that boasted they would prepare you for the test in only two days! I learned about this from my dad who received an email from Aviation Seminars. The seminar was a now or much later deal. I chose to clear my weekend schedule of flying, working, building, and relaxing. I chose to go to the seminar. Knowing I would need all neurons on deck to cram this in, I went to sleep early Friday night.

My dream self suddenly realized that is was supposed to wake up when I heard beeping.

I shot awake, skipping entirely the normal grogginess. I had allocated about 45 min to getting ready to go, I was ready in 15. For the next 1/2 hr I nervously waited by the front door (that way if I fell asleep my dad would have to pass me and I would wake back up before he left me!)

After an hour and a half of riding in the car, we pulled int…

Build Update: Aileron/Flap Alignment June 14 2017

After a few more days of drilling I was nearly ready to take the skins off and prep them for riveting. The only thing left was to updrill the holes in the rear spar. The first step was to bring the ailerons and flaps home from the airport. Next I consulted the plans to find how the control surfaces are meant to be aligned. As I was reviewing the plans I found that the hinge had been riveted 1/2" inboard of where it was should have been.

It was determined that this would cause more difficulties down the line if I didn't do something about it. My dad told me that I would need to drill out the entire hinge line, and for a minute I was excited. "I had never drilled out rivets before!"

I assembled the required tools Drill #30 Drill bit   Drill Lube Punch (for removing the mushroomed part of the rivet)

That night I learned the secrets of drilling out rivets. Reduced speed, High pressure (20-40 pounds it felt like) Well lubed drill bit, and a hole lot of patience.


Build Update: Wing Skin Drilling June 6 2017

Over the past week I have kicked into high gear for my building. Someone once told me "The key to finishing your homebuilt is working on it everyday, whether it's a blog post, a plans review or getting in there and pulling some rivets."

On Memorial Day, my dad was off work, which provided an excellent excuse to work for 12 hours!

After an assessment of the plans it was made clear that the first step to skinning the wings was to make sure the inside was clean and all the internal plumbing was complete.

First I used the air compressor to blow all the dust and aluminum shavings out of the wing skeleton, then wetted a paper towel with lacquer thinner. The lacquer thinner removed all the sharpie and harmful oils. After the metal was cleaned, it was time to fit the skins. The previous owner had already drilled the left wing skins both leading edge and top/bottom aft skins. We clecoed the aft skins starting at the rear spar. and working down and out like a wave.

 Cleaning the …