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Delayed Post

This I have been extra busy finishing up the wings and prepping for the fuselage, which I am SUPER EXCITED to start. Expect this week's post on Sunday, and next Thursday I'll have a post describing what I have(and will do) done to prepare for the fuselage.

Build Update:The End of The Wings September 14 2017

This week I continued work on the fiberglass wingtips. I needed to first to trim the wingtip to fit perfectly in the wing. I marked areas to trim with red sharpie, then used the dremel to cut on the line. I had to be careful only to cut where I intended.

At the top left, the flange of the wingtip is ramming against the rear spar of the wing, thus it must be removed Down at the bottom the edge the fiberglass wingtip is touching the wing rib preventing a perfect fit. Then as before, I used the file to smooth the edges, removing all the jagged fiberglass left over from my cut with the dremel. As I slowly fine tuned the fit, it became cyclical. Check, Mark, Cut, File, Check, Mark, Cut, File. Finally I was done, the wingtip f

Build Update: Plexiglass, Fiberglass, And Files Oh My! September 8 2017

With the holiday weekend I was able to get a ton of work done! The wings were nearly done, all that remained was to fabricate the cutout and retainers for the landing light for the right wing, and fit the wingtip.
Before I started working, while waiting for my dad, I set up all of the tools i would need, drill driver, drill bits, screws, dimple dies, rivet puller, clecos, the like. I looked at the mess of small pieces and decided that I needed somewhere to keep them while working. A quick scan of the workshop revealed the magnetic parts holder. Perfect!
Later, when I reached for a drillbit I realized what I had done. Placing the steel drillbits into the magnetic field of the parts holder magnetized the drillbits.

As with the left wing, I used the provided template to position the hole. I used reference points on the template and the wing in order to line up the hole perfectly. I stepped back, and did a quick sanity check
 Looks good and level. ready to transfer it to the wing. I used a…